Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) is a unique 6-digit Security Code that is used for specific high-risk online financial transactions, for example performing 3rd party transfers.

TAC is compulsory for high-risk transactions because it provides an additional level of security to protect and additional level of security to protect you against unauthorized access to your account.

You may select your preferred TAC request option via affinOnlince.com. We offer 3 types of TAC Tokens:

SMS Token

Your TAC will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone. You need to register your mobile phone number for TAC in advance at AFFINBANK Branch.

Web Token

It is a web based token that is downloaded once to your PC. It is then stored in your registered computer and will require a password to activate.

USB Token

This is a USB device that is provided the Bank. It is plugged into the PC's USB port to generate a 6-digit TAC as and when required.

SMS Token

Each SMS TAC is valid for 1 time usage and it's validity is 3 minutes.

Web Token

Each Web TAC is valid for 1 transaction only.

USB Token

Each USB TAC is valid for 1 transaction only.

As long as you have your Malaysian registered mobile phone with international roaming service for SMS TAC or

You may register your International Mobile Number complete with the country code at any of AFFINBANK branches.

You may also use either Web or USB Token.

You can deactivate your SMS/ USB Token at branch and Web Token deactivation is via affinOnline.com.

If you lost your mobile phone, please report to your mobile phone service provider immediately to disable your mobile phone from used by other unauthorized persons.

  • Just register your new number at our nearest branch.
  • You are unable to perform transaction as the TAC will be sent to the mobile phone number during affinOnline registration.
  • The mobile phone may be outside coverage area.
  • Your message box may be full.
  • Your mobile number may be blacklisted or you have chosen not to receive any messages from any organization.
  • Network operator maybe experiencing technical difficulties or facing peak period congestion.

Ensure that the TAC is correctly entered and if it is a single-use TAC, it has not been used earlier. You may contact our Call Centre officer at 03-5522 3000 for assistance.

If you enter an invalid TAC 3 times, your TAC will be blocked immediately. Please call our Call Center at 03-5522 3000 for assistance to unblock your TAC. You will also have to request for a new TAC to proceed with your transaction.

Please contact our Call Centre officer at 03-5522 3000 immediately

Yes, You may register your International Mobile Number complete with the country code. i.e 65XXXXXXXXXX - Singapore.

The delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile service provider.

You may receive an "error" message for the following reasons:

  1. Your TAC is incorrect or has expired
  2. You have exceeded the maximum number of three tries
  3. You need to request for a new TAC because your login access was previously denied

All TAC numbers from affinonline will be be delivered from the shortcode number 66300. If there is any unforeseen service interruption to any of the telco's platforms, you should receive your TAC from the authorised longcode number.

Your PC might not have JAVA application. To download JAVA application, please click 'Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE)' link at our affinOnline.com landing page.

Please perform the following to enable JAVA downloading :


  • Go to Internet Explorer
  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • General
  • Delete Cookies
  • Delete Files
  • Tick offline content
  • OK


  • Go to Internet Explorer
  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Privacy

Retry to LOG In to affinonline.com and perform transaction.
Is there any token list to be selected?

If there is none, you need to uninstall the Java Program, then reinstall Java.

  1. Uninstall Java. You may visit : http://www.java.com/en/download/uninstall.jsp on the steps to uninstall Java.
  2. Restart computer
  3. Install Java. Click on 'Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) link in RIB Homepage.
  4. After successful installation, reopen the browser (Internet Explorer).
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