The maximum number of cheques allowed to be stopped during each Stop Cheque Request is 10 cheques.

Yes, the stop cheque request is performed online and will take effect immediately upon successful transaction.

No, this service is provided free for customer.


You are allowed to request for one cheque book (15 leaves) at each time. However, you may perform multiple cheque book requests on the same day.

The following are the charges for online cheque book request and will be debited directly from your account :

Stamp Duty (RM0.15 per leaf x 15) RM2.25
Courier Charge RM5.30 (inclusive of 6% GST)

Effective 2 January 2015, a 50 sen cheque processing fee will be imposed for every cheque issued.

The fee is in addition to the existing 15 sen stamp duty per cheque leaf.

Cheque book will be couriered to your mailing address within 5 working days upon successful request.


Yes, the Bankcard will cancel immediately and will take effect immediately upon successful transaction.


For one month term FD/TD-i placement, the minimum placement amount is RM5000.00 and for other terms, the minimum placement amount is RM500.00.

No service charges are imposed on FD/TD-i placements.

Yes, you can select the following instruction on maturity at point of placement:

  • Renew principal only - renew the fixed deposit without the interest earned, you may transfer the interest to a specific account
  • Renew principal and interest - renew the fixed deposit with the interest earned
  • Credit to account - transfer the fixed deposit and the interest earned to a specific account

Your request will be processed on the next working day.

You will be able to view your FD/TD-i Placement account via on the following day after processing.


AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i is a Savings Account/Savings Account-i which you can apply online, without visiting the branch. It offers indicative interest/Hibah (if any) rates as follows:

Product Type Deposit Band(RM) Current Rate w.e.f 1/08/2017 (% p.a.) Revised Rate w.e.f 30/01/2018 (% p.a.)
ESAVER 2,000 - 49,999.99 2.00 2.25
50,000 and above 2.15 2.40

Please refer  for the latest rates.

*Hibah (if any) is declared at sole discretion of the bank. users aged 18 years old and above with user ID & password access at Secured Site.

To apply AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i, please follow these few simple steps:

  • Log-in to
  • Click Servies- eSaver/eSaver-i Creation at, secured site homepage
  • Select Product Type (eSaver/eSaver-i) & click Continue

No. AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i can only be requested via

No. AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i will be activated online upon your successful application on

However, Customer is required to update his/her specimen signature, PDPA consent, FATCA declaration and to deposit the initial amount for AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i with any of Affin Bank/ Affin Islamic branches within fourteen (14) days.

You will be able to view your AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i account via within three (3) working days after the necessary requirement as stated above has been fulfilled.

Each customer can only apply for One (1) AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i.

No. AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i is available to Individual customers only.

If you have at least One (1) Current Account or Savings Account (CASA)/ Current or Savings Account-i (CASA-i) attached to your, you can make the first deposit to AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i by transferring funds from any of these existing accounts.

If you do not have any CASA/CASA-i attached to, you can make your first AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i deposit using any Cheque Deposit Machine (CQM), Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or by transferring funds via Interbank GIRO (IBG) from other Banks using your new AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i Account Number.

For affinOnline users with existing ATM cards, your AFFIN eSaver/eSaver-i account will be linked to your existing ATM Card upon request.

If you do not have an AFFINBANK ATM Card (i.e. existing customers without any CASA/CASA-i), you can visit any branch to apply for one.

For account closure Customers may execute over the counter at their Home Branch.

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