FPX Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Payment

FPX is an exchange infrastructure and application platform offered by MyClear. This system facilitates an electronic payment transaction which is connected to the Participant’s Internet banking system

FPX B2C Payment is real-time payment transaction initiated by an Individual Buyer from the Buyer’s browser via FPX system to Buyer Bank Internet Banking for authorization

With FPX, you can initiate transaction through merchant portal and debited from your Savings or Current on real-time basis. It’s fast, safe, and convenient

The charges for FPX B2C transaction via AffinOnline is RM0.53 per transaction, including GST charge. Any additional charges impose (if any) will depend on your merchant’s online payment terms and conditions.

Yes. You can use FPX straightaway as long as you have an active internet banking account with any of the FPX participating banks. No registration is required with FPX.

It’s simple. All you need is an Internet Banking account with any of the FPX participating banks.

  • Choose FPX upon checkout at FPX participating merchant’s website. Select Affin Bank from the list of the FPX participating banks.
  • Enter your email address to receive notification on payment confirmation and click on the “Agree and Continue” button to accept the FPX Terms & Conditions and to proceed with transaction
  • Enter your internet banking security credentials (e.g. user name, password and OTP/TAC code) and confirm your payment. Keep your confirmation receipt.

The FPX logo or wordmark is displayed at the merchant’s website or checkout page

The daily maximum transaction limit for FPX via affinOnline.com is RM30,000

  • Online receipt provided by FPX
  • Email notification sent by FPX system (provided that you have entered your email address at FPX bank selection page).
  • Online receipt provided by your merchant.

You may refer the list of FPX participating banks in MyClear’s website at http://www.myclear.org.my/

In the event that your account has been deducted but the transaction was unsuccessful for some reasons, your money will be credited back into your account by Bank. You can contact our Call Center at 0355223000 for the reversal status by providing the FPX Transaction ID or Merchant Order No. as a reference. You may also provide the screen shot of your payment that displays the FPX Transaction ID or Merchant Order No.

FPX transaction status is final and the merchant is obligated to deliver the goods/services or to update your payment in a timely manner. In this case, you should contact the merchant for the delivery of your goods/services purchased. You can provide the necessary details such as the online receipt issued by FPX/merchant or the email notification received from FPX that contain the following details:

  • FPX Transaction ID
  • Merchant Order No.
  • Payment amount
  • Date and time of the payment

No. It is not possible to cancel a successful FPX transaction via the system. However, you may request your merchant for such cancelation, subject to the merchant’s policy.

Yes, it is secure. FPX uses high standards of authentication and certification to ensure all transactions are secure.

The FPX services is depending on the participating bank’s internet banking service availability

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