You can view the balances of you accounts which have been linked to your online banking service. You can also view your account details by clicking on the Account Nickname hyperlinks.

You are able to view last 7 days transaction history of your accounts by default. In addition, you can also view the transaction history for a particular account or date range, by filter the list by selecting the Account and/or Date range (maximum up to 7 days),then clicks on the Change View button.

You can view your statements online for the following accounts :-

  • Savings Accounts (not available for Passbook Savings Account)
  • Current Accounts
  • Credit Card
  • Loans

You have the option of printing your statement or viewing and saving it in Adobe*.PDF format.

(You may need to download Abode Acrobat version 7.0.7 for this)

  • Login to
  • Select Accounts from Main Menu and click on Download as illustrated below
  • From Download Activity Screen, select the account number and the period to viewClick on DownloadYou will be asked whether you wish to open the file from its current location or to save it to your computer.Proceed with your selection
  • When download completed, click Done to return to the Accounts list.

You will able to download up to latest 3 months transaction history.

The downloaded information can be viewed in spreadsheet format i.e. Microsoft Excel.

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