• 'ABB' means Affin Bank Berhad (25046-T), and/or Affin Islamic Bank Berhad (709506-V), companies incorporated in Malaysia having its registered office at Level 17 Menara Affin Bank,80 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia and includes any of or all its related subsidiary, associates, affiliates and holding company and its successors in title, assigns, legal representatives, and where applicable any of them.
  • 'Corporate Internet Banking (' means the Corporate Internet Banking website which the Customer may access through the use of a personal computer terminal, modem and/or any other telecommunication device, over the Internet, upon the correct input of the Customer's Username and Password in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any other rules and regulations determined by ABB.
  • 'Banking Services' means products and services of the ABB and its Agents as are made available to you on this website.
  • 'Business Day' means any official days that the Bank's Head Office in Kuala Lumpur is open for business.
  • 'Customer' means the person or persons in whose name(s) the Account(s) is/are maintained with ABB and to whom the ABB has agreed to provide services and where applicable, the Customer's successors in title heirs, assigns or legal representatives.
  • 'Instructions' means instructions given by the Customer in respect to the Customer's Account(s) via the
  • 'Internet' means the global network computers, telecommunications and software which facilitate communication, whether electronic or otherwise, between person(s) and machines.
  • 'Network Service Provider' means any Internet service provider or any commercial online service provider providing connections to the Internet in addition to its own proprietary network.
  • 'Password' means a unique string of characters keyed in by the Customer in order for Corporate Internet Banking ( website to authenticate Customer's access.
  • 'Username' means the unique name made up a string of character chosen by Customer, which must be keyed in by Customer together with Password in order to gain access to Corporate Internet Banking (
  • 'Payee Corporation' means those corporations, companies entities or bodies approved by the ABB from time to time and displayed on the Bill Payment screen.
  • 'Ringgit Malaysia or MYR' means the lawful currency of Malaysia.
  • 'Terms and Conditions' means these Terms and Conditions governing the use of Corporate Internet Banking (
  • 'Transaction Authentication Code (TAC)' means the second layer six-digit security code implemented for specific online banking financial transactions.
  • 'Transaction History' means the list of all confirmed/successful transaction(s) effected on your accounts and which may be viewed using for a period of time determined by ABB.
  • 'Third Party Account' means other account(s) that may or may not belong to you, maintained at ABB or other bank(s), payee corporations, affiliates and establishment which you can credit funds to or make payments using Corporate Internet Banking (
  • 'Website' means Corporate Internet Banking ( or any other address as shall be determined and notified by the ABB from time to time. Use of the expressions 'we', 'us' 'the Bank' and 'our' means ABB, while use of the expressions 'you' and 'your' means you and any third party authorised by you to access this Website and use of Corporate Internet Banking (
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