Access And Use Of service

Access and Use of Corporate Internet Banking ( service

  • Application for subscription to the Corporate Internet Banking ( services shall be subject to the Customer maintaining an existing and valid Account with ABB and further subject to such eligibility criteria that ABB shall deem fit. The ABB is not obliged to provide reasons for any rejection of a Customer's application.
  • If the Company ID(s), Virtual Card ID(s), User ID(s), Password(s), PIN(s) is discovered or is suspected of being known to any unauthorized personnel or third party, the Customer shall personally take immediate steps to change the User ID(s), Password(s) or the PIN(s) as the case may be. The Customer further agrees to inform the Bank immediately.
  • Use by the Customer of the Corporate Internet Banking ( services at any time and from time to time shall indicate to the ABB the Customer's acceptance and agreement and continued acceptance and agreement of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and of the risks in conducting any transaction over the Internet
  • All registration to Corporate Internet Banking ( services shall be subjected to the Terms and Conditions of the Bank.
  • Upon your successful registration, ABB reserves the right to determine the scope of functions, services and Accounts that will be made available to you in Corporate Internet Banking ( services.
  • The Customer shall immediately notify ABB in writing in the event the Company ID, Username and/or Password have been compromised in any manner whatsoever.
  • Access by the Customer to the Corporate Internet Banking ( services shall be deemed to have been activated and all instructions and transactions issued thereafter shall be attributed to the Customer upon successful login of the Company ID, Username and Password notwithstanding that such access, instruction or transaction may have been made by a third party whether authorized or unauthorized. ABB and/or third party service providers shall be entitled to carry out any instruction or transaction and/ or rely on any instruction or information provided in connection with the Customer's Company ID, Username and Password as if the Customer had transacted it and/or provided the information. The Customer shall be deemed to unconditionally and irrevocably agree that ABB not be liable for any loss or damage which the Customer and/or any third party may incur.
  • The Customer is deemed to agree that instructions or transactions received by the ABB are irreversible when received completed or relied upon by the Affin Banking Group. Instructions received by the ABB during Business Hours where applicable shall be effected on the same day provided that it shall be in accordance with normal banking practice, or such other date and/or time as ABB may from time to time determine having regard to the general practice of bankers. ABB may at its sole discretion refuse to carry out any of the Customer's instructions or transactions where such instructions or transactions are inconsistent with the ABB policy or any law or any rules or regulations to which the ABB is subject to or for any other reasons. Notwithstanding the above, ABB is hereby authorised to comply with instructions received from customer via Corporate Internet Banking ( services.
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